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Red Stag 蜂鸟电竞数据 has and always will be a people-centric organization that is powered by technology — and now we are thrilled to have a Chief Technology Officer at the helm to steer RSF toward new horizons. Effective Nov. 1, Anthony Perez, a veteran IT professional with extensive experience in eCommerce and data & analytics, will be joining the ranks of our executive leadership team.   

CTO Anthony Perez is the newest addition to Red Stag's leadership team

In his most recent role, as a Director of Product Development, Anthony was responsible for creating and implementing commercial operations applications, including commissions systems, applications that utilize machine learning and AI to improve commercial strategy, and value-added marketing systems. Anthony is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), and has a wealth of knowledge and experience building development-operations pipelines and implementing global, enterprise solutions to improve enterprise efficiency, Anthony is the perfect addition to the executive leadership team.  

Although he is a technology professional now, Anthony worked his way through college in a warehouse picking products for shipment and loading and unloading FedEx trucks packed with eCommerce packages. His Master’s degree even included a supply chain management focus — his experiences have shown him multiple sides of the fulfillment industry and he’s thrilled to be circling back and embracing the opportunity to build out technology processes and protocols that will enable Red Stag to serve our clients as they seek to grow their businesses.   

“I’m extremely excited to join the team at Red Stag because I’ll be able to pull from my education and background as well as my experience as a small business owner. I started in the eCommerce industry back in 1998 with my own eBay business. I had to learn everything from inventory management, sales, shipping, customer service, all of it. And most recently I worked with my wife to operate a successful Etsy shop for four years. I understand the challenges eCommerce companies face. I know the value the right technology can bring to a small business, and I can’t wait to see how leveraging the right technologies at Red Stag can bring both the customer experience and team member experiences to entirely new levels,” says Anthony.   

“Anthony is deeply data-driven and analytical, and he has a tremendous amount of experience developing and deploying value-added solutions for fast-growing companies. What excites me the most about Anthony joining the Red Stag team is his expertise in bringing enterprise-level solutions that are both scalable and agile to bear against the most difficult business challenges. Ultimately, Red Stag is a people-powered organization built on a technology backbone and I’m extremely excited about his experience and capabilities in this regard,” says Dusty Holcomb, CEO of Red Stag 蜂鸟电竞数据 .   

Anthony’s vast breadth of knowledge and experience in the IT industry showed right away that he was an exceptional candidate for the role of CTO, but it was the combination of superior enterprise application development and implementation, cutting-edge tech knowledge, small business ownership, eCommerce experience, and warehouse background that highlighted Anthony as exactly the IT unicorn Red Stag had been missing. As we look to the future of our rapidly expanding company, Anthony is the ideal fit to help us provide more efficient operations processes and superior customer service to our clients through a unified technological development approach.   

And he’s extremely excited to be able to lend his professional experience and expertise to Red Stag.   

“The core values really excited me about RSF. Acting like an owner, paying attention to all the details, delivering for our customers every day — that’s energizing to me. The energy, passion, and excitement that I experienced in every conversation and meeting with team members all have me thrilled to be joining The Herd,” says Anthony.  

Everyone at Red Stag is just as excited to have another team member join the fold. With Anthony leading efforts to improve operational processes and protocols through the implementation of cutting-edge technology, application, software, and platforms, Red Stag is uniquely positioned to continue serving our customers, elevating expectations, and pursuing the next level of perfection.   

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