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Red Stag 蜂鸟电竞数据 ’s strategic growth continues — this time with the addition of a carefully selected Chief Financial Officer. Cory Woolf, a veteran in the world of finance, joined the executive leadership team in Red Stag’s Knoxville-based headquarters on October 18.   

Welcome to the Herd, Cory Woolf

The search for a CFO has been part of a months-long roadmap to support Red Stag in its next phase of expansion and growth. Red Stag leadership has been dedicated to implementing and improving processes to increase operational excellence in order to further deliver on the Company’s goal of elevating client expectations.   

“This CFO role is pivotal to our continued growth and success. Red Stag has needed a financial leader with the skills to look around corners, see where the obstacles may lie, and find solutions to problems before they even rise — and I’m thrilled we’ve found Cory Woolf to fill this critical role. He has a breadth of experience helping organizations scale and he’s going to be bringing those ninja skills of his into this growing company to help us pave the way forward,” says Dusty Holcomb, CEO of Red Stag 蜂鸟电竞数据 .   

Cory, a financial leader with a passion for supporting the growth of both people and businesses, is joining The Herd from a 20+ career that spans working at a national accounting firm, in real estate, and most recently 10+ years in the software/technology industry — and he can’t wait to translate his skills into momentum for RSF.   

“I see Red Stag as a technology-enabled service company and I can’t wait to dive in, establish more efficient processes, and bring my experience to help our company and its great employees keep growing,” says Cory.   

With a background in technology and real estate, specifically focusing on solving financial challenges, building back-office infrastructure, and streamlining processes, Cory will be bringing his passion for creating strategic roadmaps and building a collaborative finance organization to deliver superior customer service to our diverse team and customers.   

“There were two primary things that drew me to Red Stag 蜂鸟电竞数据 : the people and the potential. I feel strongly that people are a company’s greatest differentiator, and it’s clear that Red Stag feels the same. I am excited about the opportunity to partner with Dusty and the rest of The Herd to help build an even greater company with driven, passionate people. And at the same time, Red Stag’s success and growth is already impressive. The potential is there to grow even more rapidly and that excites me,” says Cory. “I am really excited to learn the business from the people that have built it into what it is now and then share my knowledge and experience with others to help support the company’s rapid growth over the coming years.”  

And The Herd is just as excited to welcome Cory into the fold and learn from his extensive experience and knowledge. With an ability to bounce between strategic, high-level discussions and detail-oriented accounting, sales, legal, and administrative tasks, Cory clearly demonstrates the rare skill set needed to launch the company forward.   

Red Stag is thrilled to welcome Cory to the team and the entire company looks forward to the growth potential on the horizon.   

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