Drayage truck

All About Drayage

We live in a multi-modal world. Before a product arrives on your customer’s doorstep, it has probably traveled on several different modes of transport before and after eCommerce fulfillment packaged and shipped the order. One of those was undoubtedly drayage. […]

warehouse picker fulfilling oversized product order

Choosing a Top ShipStation Shipping Partner

ShipStation is a useful eCommerce platform that includes order management and inventory management as well as shipping. Unfortunately, one crucial function your online store needs that ShipStation can’t provide is eCommerce fulfillment. But you don’t have to keep fulfillment in-house […]

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How Does Working With a 3PL Save Money Long-Term?

Shipping and eCommerce fulfillment services are two significant costs for eCommerce brands. Keeping fulfillment costs low is essential to maintaining profitability and keeping your retail prices competitive. But going cheap with your fulfillment by shipping your orders in-house or outsourcing […]

Inventory planning

Identifying and Preventing Inventory Discrepancy

Accurate stock counts are critical to the efficient operation of your business. An inventory discrepancy introduced during eCommerce fulfillment can throw off your demand forecasts and lead to unexpected out-of-stock items.  Here are the most common causes of inventory discrepancies […]

5 Things to Drive 蜂鸟电竞数据 Forward

A stagnant business is any owner’s nightmare. Businesses require progression to be able to succeed. By creating goals and guarantees, it can allow any business to move forward and generate more sales. Stagnation can happen to any business, even 3PLs. For […]

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How Kitting Areas Take 3PLs to the Next Level

蜂鸟电竞数据 centers are constantly looking at ways to improve their services to benefit their customers. By changing their systems to increase their offerings, 3PLs have the ability to provide much needed services to their clients. Kitting departments allow for fulfillment […]

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What is a Receiving Warehouse?

When thinking about the fulfillment process, the generalized steps are receiving inventory, storage, order picking, order packing, shipping, delivery, and returns. Any well-established 3PL knows this and makes sure that these steps are optimized. However, the most important step is […]