Where Should I Keep My eCommerce Inventory?

Many online businesses start by keeping their eCommerce inventory at their primary location or in a warehouse nearby. However, as their businesses grow, it is soon time to outsource eCommerce fulfillment to a third-party logistics company.  When you’re choosing a […]

mail-order fulfillment

Finding the Best Mail-Order 蜂鸟电竞数据 Services

Mail-order fulfillment was around for a long time before online shopping or even the internet. Catalog companies used mail order fulfillment warehouses to process their orders.  Today, eCommerce fulfillment has changed an industry that started out serving mail-order companies. There […]


Comparing ECommerce Return Policies

Savvy online retailers know that a smooth return process is a major factor in customer retention. In fact, consumer-friendly return policies can even increase your sales by reassuring your customers that they can send back items they don’t like. Yet, […]

same-day fulfillment

Everything You Need to Know About Order Logistics

Order logistics is essential to eCommerce fulfillment. After all, the process of delivering orders to customers is the heart of every online product business. A thorough understanding of order logistics is crucial for every eCommerce entrepreneur. Here’s a review of […]

pick and pack warehouse services

Amazon Pick and Pack Fee Explained

The Amazon pick and pack fee, also called its fulfillment fee, applies to 蜂鸟电竞数据 By Amazon program. This charge is a per-unit fee that helps Amazon cover costs and generates income (from you) when it sends your products to consumers. […]

Flexible kitting in manufacturing

Kitting Process Flow in 蜂鸟电竞数据

Kitting is an essential element of eCommerce fulfillment. If you want the most options for efficient logistics, you want the option to add a kitting process flow to your fulfillment operations. Traditional 3PL services include warehousing, pick and pack fulfillment, […]