moving stock with a forklift

How to Manage ECommerce Inventory Replenishment

Inventory replenishment, also called stock replenishment, isn’t just for retail establishments. It is also a vital part of eCommerce fulfillment and inventory management. Developing an inventory replenishment plan will save you money, increase your profitability, and improve your sell-through. Here’s […]

How to Write a Good Ecommerce Email

What Is Ecommerce? Before speaking about email marketing for ecommerce, let’s first find out what ecommerce actually is. Roughly speaking, ecommerce (electronic commerce) is any commercial activity that aims to sell your products or services over the Internet. Ecommerce also […]

outsourcing fulfillment to a new company

7 Tips for Creating Inventory Forecasts

Inventory forecasting is the most important way to protect your cash flow and save time as an eCommerce business owner. This is the practice of tracking all products in your warehouse for their entire journey, from being sold and pending […]

inventory management

Shopify Inventory Management

Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world. A Shopify store is a great way to reach consumers. However, to run a truly successful online store, you need excellent inventory control. Shopify inventory management is an essential […]

Amazon shopping

Amazon Listing Optimization

When you become an Amazon seller, you gain access to the biggest online marketplace in the world. More than half of product searches happen on Amazon, not Google or another search engine. But all that traffic doesn’t help you if […]

warehouse layout

Guide to Warehouse Slotting Strategies

Warehouse slotting is an inventory management tool that can increase the efficiency of your operations. Before you dive into slotting, it’s important to collect data on your past sales. You should also understand the storage and handling needs of fragile […]

checking shipping address

Billing Address vs. Shipping Address

When someone places an order in your eCommerce store, they have to confirm two addresses. You need their shipping address and also the billing address for their payment method. These two addresses may be exactly the same. Or they may […]